Tired Of Celebs Remaining Mum About Getting Work Done, Kandi Burruss Took Fans Inside Her Breast Reduction Surgery
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Kandi Burruss is pulling down the curtain when it comes to celebrities and the plastic surgery they get done but won’t talk about.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and entrepreneur isn’t naming any names, but she’s decided to open up to fans about the work she’s had done. She also took cameras along with her as she went through the process of getting breast reduction surgery on her breasts, which were enhanced in the past through plastic surgery.

All of it was captured in her Speak on It YouTube show where she will begin a series that delves into body work. That includes plastic surgery, weight-loss surgery, botox and more through interviews with her industry colleagues and close friends.

“There are so many celebrities out there who tweak and fix and they never claim it or if they do they never share who did the work unless the person did it for free and they’re doing it for a post or something like that. I just feel like, let’s be real with the people,” she said in Part I of the series. “Let’s talk to the people who are out there being fans of us and fans of all these celebrities. Let them know the real. It may be somebody out there that may see some celebrity and be like, ‘Ooh I think their body is so dope,’ not knowing they can have that body, too! I just feel like, share your sources. Let’s talk about it. Let’s see how we can make things easier for people who really want to get those types of results.”

She shared that she’s had a number of procedures done over the years, big and small.

“I have done lipo before, gotten boobs, got a boob reduction, I got another boob reduction, I’ve done a tummy tuck. I don’t do anything to my face really but I have tried botox, which is still relevant to this conversation,” she shared. “Years ago when I did lipo, the very first time I did, and this was prior to getting boob implants, I let him take the fat that he got from the lipo and put some of it in my boobs.”

The 45-year-old star recently decided to get her breasts reduced again, including a change in her areolas and nipples and a lift, as well as a scar reduction. She sought out the assistance of Dr. Chad Deal in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who worked on the breast reduction of her RHOA cast mate Kenya Moore and was behind Kandi’s tummy tuck after she had her son Ace. She shared that process, including a thorough conversation with Dr. Deal, along with her hopes for what the end results would be.

“I want them to be small and perky,” she said ahead of the surgery. “I want to be able to wear some strapless, backless dresses for the summertime where I don’t need no bra and them bad boys still sit up and they don’t be looking like all raunchy.”

The surgery was a six-hour process, including one hour of prep, four hours of surgery, and one hour of recovery. You can see the end results in her Speak On It, Body Work Pt 1.


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