Today, 4/20, is cherished by marijuana smokers and cannabis enthusiasts around the world as a reason — as if they needed one — to “light one up.” So of course the holiday wouldn’t be the same without an appearance from Snoop D-o-Double-g.

The California rapper, who’s brand is synonymous with the pastime (and also for once famously quitting), has partnered with loungewear brand Brooklinen to do a virtual concert in honor of the national holiday, Stay Kushy, Stay Home

The rap OG will perform under his moniker, “DJ Snoopadelic” on IG Live at 4:20PM EST to benefit America’s Food Fund. The show will be available on both Brooklinen’s and Snoop Dogg’s Instagram accounts for viewing pleasure. 

This isn’t the first time during quarantine that Snoop has been encouraging people to make use of their time at home. Between smoking challenges and sharing memes, the West Coast rapper continues to preach to people to, “stay yo ass in the house.” 

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Stay yo ass at home 📌

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“You! Yeah you!” he said. “Stop going out riding bikes, going to the beach. How the f-ck we gon cure this sh-t if you keep going outside? Stay yo ass in the house. You! Yeah you! Quit being hardheaded.” 


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