Trainer Approved Beauty and Fitness Tips for Girls Who Sweat

Fitness guru and celebrity trainer, Lacey Stone is your favorite trainer’s, favorite trainer. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and helped them achieve their best bodies. Having grown up with a love of sports, Lacey is well versed in all things fitness—from maintaining a proper diet to her pre and post-gym practices for maintaining her gorgeous skin. We caught up with the fitness guru and new ambassador for Degree deodeorant to chat skincare, fitness and a few things she swears by in order to live her best fit life. 


ESSENCE: How did you get your start in the world of fitness?

LACEY STONE: Fitness has always been apart of my life. I grew up doing sports and I almost went pro, until I sustained an injury that prevented me from doing so. I tried the whole makeup and heels thing but I always came back to fitness.


As a trainer, you obviously sweat a lot, what are a few things that you always keep in your gym bag?

Degree is definitely something that I always keep in my bag, their new Motion Sense Dry Spray ($4.99, at keeps me dry through any workout. Hair ties are definitely a necessity and of course water—hydration is really important.


Speaking of staying dry, what’s your pre-work out skin prep like, are your working out with bare skin?

I’m really big on moisturizer, even during a workout session. Skin care is really important and maintaining moisturized skin helps keep my skin soft and hydrated. If I’m doing a hike or something outdoors, I always make sure to use an SPF, I’ll even spray it on my scalp to make sure it’s protected under the sun. SPF is crucial especially in places like California.


What about diet, do you follow a strict regimen?

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I’m really big on water—I drink a ton of water for hydration, but also for my skin.  I don’t drink soda [too much sugar] and drinking should always be kept to a minimum. To maintain a lean body, portion control is key— people eat way too much in America I usually eat protein that’s the size of the palm of my hand, 1/4 cup of carbohydrates and I try to stay away from white starches, and as many vegetables as possible. I actually stay away from fruit with the exception of apples and bananas because of the sugar content, and I’m always trying to stay as lean as possible. I also stay away from dairy. 


What about snacking and do you meal prep?

I definitely snack on nuts all of the time. I’m like a squirrel (laughs to her self). I carry mixed nuts around in my bag. [As for meal prep] I would meal prep, but I actually work with a company called Clean LA, that makes all of my meals for me. They have meal delivery services like that around the country that I really great options that I think everyone should try so they become familiar with portion control.


What are your thoughts on juicing or smoothies, does it work and is it worth it?

For smoothies I think with some of these places like Nectar and other popular bars— if you use it as a meal, it’s great, but don’t have a shake (smoothie) and eat a sandwich. Protein after a workout is always good, and juicing is great if you do it as a cleanse. I usually don’t juice, but if drink three juices and still eat, that I think it’s fine [juicers should still incorporate food into their diet]. But if you’re juicing to loose weight, it’s not a good idea. It’s called a cleanse because it’s supposed to cleanse your body, but a lot of people do it all of the time and that’s not healthy at all.


To keep up with Lacey’s fabulously fit life and get more fitness tips check out her website