It was the summer between semesters when two Hampton University students realized that when they’re home they don’t have anyone to workout with or to meet their standard of workouts. It was then that they knew it was their job to fill in the missing piece to their own fitness puzzle. Ibn Silvera-Wallace and Jaylen Sanders, both 19-year-old sophomores at Hampton University, teamed up to create Trained To Glory, a fitness mobile app for women. TTG, which officially launches this month, is meant to inspire women to commit to healthy lifestyles. The creators believe that women in particular don’t get enough specialized attention in the fitness industry. A lot of women may have an interest in working out, but their friends couldn’t care less. When one friend is ready to hit the gym, the other has a fresh hairstyle or is too busy. So why not dedicate a fitness app to women who need inspiration, motivation and accountability? The mobile app will have plenty of features, including connecting with exercise partners in your area, booking training and diet plan sessions with TTG certified trainers, discovering popular social events in your area geared towards fitness, and joining community exercise events such as, dance, basketball, etc. With the slogan, “Commit to the Lifestyle,” TTG is ensuring that women are inspired to truly change their lives with the use of this mobile app. Finding workout partners or someone who has the same fitness goals can sometimes be hard, but use of this app makes the process simpler. “Our vision is to decrease generational inactivity and spark community progress,” says Wallace. These two innovators are an example of what two creative minds can create with proper thought, drive and dedication. This app is needed because having a workout partner with the same goals or interests keeps your morale up and helps you keep your eye on the prize. I have been through plenty of gym partners that are friends and sometimes the workout turns into a catch up session on guys, work, school, etc. However, with a perfect gym match that you could easily find on this app there is a strict dedication to fitness and fitness only. Trained To Glory is set to release late April- so, for all of the ladies that have the friend that does too much in the gym or vice versa, this is the app for you. This app will allow you to meet just the right person to help you meet your fitness goals. For now, stay tuned to TTG on social media @living_ttg on Instagram and Twitter and on their website, TOPICS: