Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Could Help Curtail Return of Cancer
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Science says that a diet that includes specific foods could help reduce the risk of breast cancer returning. 

The American Society of Clinical Oncology presented a study at a Chicago conference in which it was detailed that the Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil and whole grains helped play the part in reducing the possibility of cutting reoccuring cancerous cells. 

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Research documented from the 300 women deduced that the 199 women who maintained their regular diet, saw that 11 patients suffered from rediagnosis of cancer while no women in the Mediterranean diet group had a relapse.

Cancer Research senior clinical adviser Professor Arnie Purushotham said, “The preliminary results of this small study suggest that a Mediterranean diet could lower the risk of breast cancer returning, but we’d need much longer follow-up than three years to confirm the diet’s impact.” 

Purushotham noted that while the pool of women tested was limited, more detailed studies will reveal the full impact of the diet on survival statistics in fighting cancer.

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