So here’s the truth.

I don’t follow any super motivating fitness pages on Instagram and thinking about how many calories I intake daily makes me kind of sleepy. I pay for the Planet Fitness that’s literally on my way home but I haven’t seen the inside in quite some time (hey y’all I’m coming back soon, promise.) I can say these things without shame because God is clearly still working on me.

However, when I saw this dress, I knew I had to get my life all-the-way-together.

Forget the fact that the dress alone would take my limited net worth down a whole $305 dollars. That’s beside the point. The main issue is that I know in my heart that those slits aren’t going to forgive me and my thighs for those chocolate glazed donut holes I’ve been eating everyday. I knew when I saw it that I was being sent a message; a message begging me to change my ways.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what it feels like to struggle with my weight and I love my body no matter what. I also don’t know what it’s like to really deal with the extremely limited options available to “plus size” women (more on that later). But, I do know the pain of a fierce pair of Zara wide-legged pants that I just knew I was about to kill the game in stopping at my thighs.  Actually I know it all too well, and I don’t like it. Although I do have a sneaking suspicion that a large in Zara’s terms is actually a smedium, it might also be helpful for me to put some respect on my body and workout.

I realize that fitness is about health, and honoring your body. I get it, I get it. But, who says that’s where it has to stop?

Who’s to say that I have to align my thoughts of how to take care of my body with society’s terms? Can it not be based on looking absolutely amazing in a killer romper?

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Upon realization that any time I focus on my weight a piece of clothing is involved I had to stop and ask myself some pertinent questions.

Am I shallow? Vain? Severely misguided? Maybe.

But, it comes down to this.

Why does it matter what exactly motivates me, as long as it moves me to do the right thing? At the end of the day, I’m going to get it right and tight in the name of fashion and I’m OK with that.

What motivates you to work out? Fashion? Being healthy for your children? The summertime slay? Or simply (and most importantly) the respect you have for your temple? Let’s talk about it!