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Actress and comedienne Mo’Nique never shies away from living in the moment and sharing her truth, and her fans love her for it. For the past few years, Mo’Nique has been fully dedicated to taking control of her health, mind and body.

Mo’Nique once shared that she weighed close to 300 pounds when she filmed her Oscar-winning turn in the 2009 film Precious, but she’s turned that all around. In 2018, she revealed she was smaller than she’d ever been and in 2019 she got emotional after meeting a major fitness milestone in her life.

The former ESSENCE cover girl’s feel-good energy throughout her journey has been nothing but infectious, with Mo’Nique regularly sharing her fitness routines and workouts with her fans over the years via YouTube and social media, inspiring us all to get moving and enjoy the journey, just like she does.

Her dance workouts are especially fun. For years, Mo’Nique has been on a mission to dance her way to healthier mind and body and it’s paying off big time. With the help and support of Dwight Holt Jr., creator of Dance Your Pounds Off, a movement designed to help followers dance their way to less weight and more joy, Mo’Nique continues to make us all just want to get up off our feet and dance.

At 53, Mo’Nique is shining bright and smiling big as she continues to learn (and nail) viral dances with Holt Jr. and share her moves with followers on social media. “You give a confidence that makes anyone feel they can do anything,” Mo’Nique has said of working with the popular dance coach. Clearly, she’s having the time of her life and we want in on the fun. Here, are five of our favorite Mo’Nique dance routines. Go off, Mo!

#5 Rocking The Boat

#4 Hands Up

#3 Cool Off

#2 BBW

#1 Ivy Park


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