When the stakes seem as high as they do during the 2020 presidential elections, the idea of doing anything but following the news play-by-play can feel impossible. But it’s not. Like it or not, the election results will be what they’re going to be and keeping your focus glued to the news won’t change them. What it will do is increase your stress and anxiety levels, which can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure—neither of which is good for you.

Instead of giving in to the election obsession, try putting your mental and physical l health first tonight. We’ve compiled a list of activities you can do tonight that are centered around wellness not politics. Try getting distracted rather than frustrated by taking on something on this list. Go ahead, we dare you not to tune in tonight.

Here’s how you can get there.

Take A Nap

Take a late midday nap or head to bed early. The long-term benefits of getting sleep are countless, but the short term results are a plus too. Rest helps your mind re-focus, which can make you think more clearly and make better decisions. It’s also an instant mood-stabilizer. So, grab a pillow and just sleep election night away.

Double Down On Your Workout

Burn off the calories and that steam coming from your ears with a high intensity workout—we don’t know about the candidates, but your endorphins will win you over for the night. Consistent aerobic exercise is said to benefit your mind and body.

Have A Movie Marathon With Friends Or Family

Chip away the time in giant blocks by getting lost in one great movie after another. Start to binge watch your holiday feel-good favorites early and in a few months from now you’ll be talking about the time you got so into your black rom-coms binge you forgot it was Election Night.

Re-Organize Your Closet/Pantry

A clean and neat home office or bedroom closet means a more relaxed mind and better day. Put an end to that endless pile of shoeboxes or mail once and for all and use the time to purge, organize and make sense of your space.

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Do A (Hard!) Puzzle

Watch how powerful and calming it can to have something to put together when it feels like the world around you is falling apart. Jigsaw puzzles truly do wonders for anxiety.

Reconnect with An Old Dear Friend

You know that person you always hesitate to call when you’re busy because you know that once you two get to talking on the phone, it’ll be hours before you hang up? Yup, call that person tonight. The shared laughter and reminiscing will more than ease your mind and distract you.

Give Yourself At An At Home Spa Treatment or Pedicure

You need to relax. That at-home pedicure or facial kit you got for your birthday is collecting dust and misses you. You do have the time to pamper yourself tonight if you just turn off the world and tune into you. No excuses!

Dust Off An Old Hobby

Are you a knit or sewing queen? A lowkey Picasso? A pottery master? Head to your studio or make one at home and let your mind get lost in the pastime that’s shown and proven to be your safe, mental happy place. Sew a mask, knit a blanket, paint your dog—whatever you chose, just make it start with doing what you love.

Give Your Houseplants Some Love

Are Nina and Sade okay? You bought them, you named them, and you gave them a happy home, but have you shown them any real love lately? Bathe your green babies, give me a trim and maybe even a new pot. Nurturing your houseplants can be an instant mood relaxer and those happy plants will give you something to feel good a