10 Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat

We’ve all been there: Staring with the cookies in the cabinet knowing we should eat the yogurt in the fridge instead. They’re the same number of calories, so what’s the difference, right? Surprisingly, a ton. Especially if you’re hoping to shed belly fat from your frame. While there’s no magic trick for weight loss, eating the following slimming superfoods can melt away those last inches of belly bloat like you never thought possible.

Dalila Thomas Oct, 24, 2016

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We all need a sweet fix from time to time. And if you’re going to look to chocolate, you may want to go dark. Why? Dark chocolate weakens our cravings of other sweet and salty treats and even helps with stress – which is often linked to belly fat. Just remember, dark chocolate is still fairly high in calories so you won’t need to go overboard with this one, even though you very well may want to.

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While most fruits are good for our overall health, there’s one that takes the cake when it comes to burning belly fat – blueberries! Loaded with antioxidants, blueberries battle the bulge by altering the way fat is stored. And that’s a great perk for a fruit that can have so many uses. Eat them alone, in a fruit salad, or even frozen and watch your waste slim over time!

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If you’re a fan of guacamole, you’re already on the right track to battling belly bulge. Avocados are made up of good fat. So rather than making you plump, they fight the inflammation and help prevent blood sugar spikes that often lead to stored fat around the belly. One of the best, and currently trendy ways to eat avocado is on toast. Because they are naturally bland, you have free rein to add the fruits and spices of your liking.

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Oatmeal may be thick, but it has the opposite effect on your belly. Oatmeal has a great deal of protein and fiber and is fairly low in sugar. This is the perfect combo for a belly blaster. More importantly, oatmeal is filling allowing you to remain full and energized longer without a high calorie intake. Just remember, we’re talking oatmeal ONLY. Try skipping the butter, sugar, milk and adding fresh fruits and a dash of cinnamon instead.

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Vitamins and fiber and antioxidants, oh my! Leafy greens are great for your diet, but if you’re looking to diminish belly fat, the darker the better! That’s because darker leafy greens harness the most of what you need. This includes kale, spinach, collard/mustard greens, Swiss chard, etc. If you’re not feeling the taste right off the bat, try it as the base of a smoothie and watch it turn into a beautiful bright green!

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Burning belly fat may be as simply as going nuts. Yep, adding nuts to your diet means adding a great source of fiber and vitamins to promote weight loss. What’s best about nuts is that it’s hard to go wrong when choosing which ones to eat. Form walnuts, to pistachios, to almonds, even cashews. Whichever you choose, you ultimately will be doing your belly a favor. And remember, and handful goes a pretty long way!

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Who said you have to drop meat to fight the fat around your belly? Fish can help flatten your midsection. One of best to do the trick is salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids and protein helps fight inflammation that slows metabolism. While salmon may be at the top of the belly fat burning list, other lean white fish can do the trick too! Stick to grilled or baked. Breading from fried fish can have the opposite effect you’re looking to achieve.

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Who knew a childhood favorite could help us in our adult life? Peanut butter is loaded with the good fats your body needs. Because its monounsaturated, it not only helps lower cholesterol, but it helps boost metabolism, which in-turn, helps fight stored fat. But be careful, too much of anything isn’t good. Stick to 1-2 teaspoons. And if you’re daring, try organic peanut butter – which has less sugar. Spread it on fruit or use it as a veggie dip.

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Once you get past the pronunciation (it’s KEEN- wah) you can begin to appreciate what quinoa does to your body, especially when it comes to your belly. As a true whole grain, quinoa is high in fiber and protein, which helps increase your metabolism and burn belly fat. So the next time you reach for rice, try subbing it out for quinoa.

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Garlic may get a bad rap when it comes to what it does to your breath, but surprisingly it works wonders for your waist. If you’re able to get beyond the smell, incorporating garlic into your diet can lead to abundance of health perks. Besides attacking stored fat, garlic works as an anti-inflammatory and helps fight off bad bacteria. Try adding garlic to your next meal or if you’re brave, to your lemon water. Just have a mint handy.