Fitness Maven and Entrepreneur, DJ Hannah Bronfman Talks Mental Clarity and her “Mind Right, Body Tight” Mantra

She’s the girl you wish was your bestie, but you settle for living vicariously through her Instagram or Snaps instead. Hannah Bronfman founded the coveted digital beauty hotspot and full-fledged beauty and wellness concierge service, Beautified, when she was only 24 years old. Today, she has expanded that empire to include her personal beauty and wellness brand, HBFit while still managing to DJ at some of the hottest events around the world. Did we mention that she also has a killer body and serious—and healthy—culinary chops? She often shares the kitchen with her fiancé—and self-appointed sous chef of the two—Brendan Fallis, making drool worthy meals to share with friends. So when ESSENCE decided to embark on this “Less Mess, More Yaaas,” initiative, we knew Hannah had to be our fitness expert. Curious about what her tips are for achieving your best body in 2016? Read on!

“Start with Pilates. It allows you to really feel where your body is and understand basic spinal movements.”


Bronfman has always been somewhat of a fitness buff. As a child, she studied dance and later picked up track and tennis as a hobby. However, after the passing of her grandmother—who struggled with anorexia throughout her life—Bronfman decided that she would devote her life to “living a happy and healthy lifestyle,” and later birthed her popular beauty and fitness brand, HBFit.

So what does a day look like for a business woman and fitness buff on-the-go? Though her schedule is always hectic, Hannah is practical and strategic about incorporating fitness into her daily routine, this includes her approach to dieting—or “healthy eating” as one should call it.

“I try to drink lots of water and tea before bed. I like to make a night tonic. I wake up, maka a matcha, workout, have a smoothie, go to the office, have lunch, a few meetings and hopefully make dinner. My days are always changing as some days, I’m on a shoot or I will be DJing in the middle of the day or evening.”


If you are wondering what matcha tea is, you aren’t alone. It’s a flavorful mixture of matcha powder and hot water that Bronfman likes to add coconut oil to for additional flavor. If you’re like us, you’ll consider dropping the coffee habit in favor of matcha tea for 2016 because the benefits are endless. Leave that 3PM crash that coffee sometimes gives behind in 2015. Matcha tea is rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, it boosts your mood, aids in concentration and it even helps with your metabolism so you’ll burn calories quicker.  Hear that? It’s the sound of your monthly coffee budget joining forces with your shopping fund— win-win!

While you’re preparing to start your healthy lifestyle, always remember Hannah’s personal mantra, “Mind right, body tight,” and the tuck this nugget of fitness wisdom in the back of your mind:

“Be consistent. Lay a foundation[…] so you can stay active in your older years. A healthy heart is the key to longevity.”

Happy fitness! Be sure to share your results with us via Facebook and instagram #LessMessMoreYaaas

For tips on fitness, healthy living and some of Hannah’s favorite recipes, check out HBFit