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Curious About CBD? Physician Safiyah Lyn-Lassiter Explains The Basics About This Wellness Product

During ESSENCE Wellness House, this Florida-based doctor tells first-time CBD users what to know before getting started.

Have you ever been curious about the healing powers of CBD but hesitant to try it? Wondering what dosage you should start at? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to South Florida–based ER physician Safiyah Lyn-Lassiter, we have the ABCs of CBD.

During a recent ESSENCE Wellness House segment titled “Ask a Doctor,” Lyn-Lassiter answers a viewer’s question about getting started with CBD. The popular wellness ingredient, which doesn’t cause a euphoric “high” like its cousin ingredient THC, is known to relieve many ailments from muscle and joint pain to anxiety.

Though it comes in many forms, including tinctures and creams, Lyn-Lassiter suggests that first-time users start by taking CBD orally. “Start with maybe 25 milligrams, and build up to whatever your intentional goal is,” she says, adding that everyone’s ideal CBD dosage is different depending on various factors.

Find out more in the clip above.


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