The different stages of the coronavirus pandemic have caused heightened feelings of anxiety, panic and stress for almost everyone.

Those who are familiar with these unpleasant feelings are dealing with even more of them and those who aren’t familiar are involuntarily being introduced. If these feelings are new to you, it might be challenging to determine whether it’s anxiety, panic, or stress that you’re feeling. It can also be confusing to differentiate between any of these 3 and the most common symptoms we’ve all come to know as associated with the novel coronavirus.

During day 1 of the first-ever virtual edition of ESSENCE Wellness House, Dr. Sherry Blake shared a few very helpful tips for identifying between signs of anxiety, signs of panic, signs of stress and symptoms of physical ailments. Check out the video above to hear what she had to say and then be sure to tune in for Day 2 of our ESSENCE Wellness House livestream on Wednesday, April 1 from 9:00AM – 4:30PM at