Have you ever noticed how you’re drawn to do or feel certain things based off of characteristics of your zodiac sign? Many who believe in astrology (we recognize there are some people who don’t) believe that there is a connection between your astrological sign and certain personality traits. So it’s only natural that this would impact how we work, love and of course sweat it out during our workouts.

Never thought of it that way? That’s fair.

Some signs thrive on independence and being alone, so it’s only natural that they may want to exercise solo, while others are energized being surrounded by other people and need to be around others to get them through a heart pumping workout. Some need motivation in the form of accountability partners while others are self-starters and can succeed on their own.

No matter what your zodiac element—earth, fire, water, or air— there’s a workout that will fit any personality type.

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