Headspace’s Meditation Podcast ‘Sunday Scaries’ Returns For Season 2 With Dora Kamau
Courtesy of Headspace

If the thought of your Monday workload leaves you feeling anxious and uneasy about the week ahead, then you might have a case of the “Sunday scaries.” 

Sunday scaries, also known as the “Sunday blues,” are “feelings of anxiety or dread that many of us experience the day before heading back to work after the weekend.” 

This common response to pre-workweek stress is typically triggered by the feeling of not fully maximizing your days off, the pressure of returning to a toxic work environment, or simply not being able to prioritize moments of rest and joy to recharge you for the workdays ahead.

Courtesy of Headspace

Weekend after weekend, it may feel like an endless loop of dread and anxious anticipation, but to help you stop the cycle, Headspace Studios, a multi-platform production studio by Headspace, has announced the return of their meditation podcast, Sunday Scaries, with Season 2 launching on Sunday, April 24 on Spotify.

Sunday Scaries is a mini-meditation podcast hosted by Dora Kamau, Headspace’s mindfulness and meditation teacher. With Kamau as your guide, you’ll learn practical tools on how to reframe your thinking about the ‘Sunday Scaries’ and manage “beginning-of-the-week anxiety” through guided meditations. 

Wipe away the worry and reclaim your weekend with this new season of Sunday Scaries, because Mondays don’t have to leave you with anxiety. 

Available Sunday, on Spotify.