Let’s Toast: Here’s How To Make The Grey Goose Passion Drop — The Official Cocktail Of The Grammys
Grey Goose

After a postponement in January, the Grammys, the biggest night in music, is finally set to take place on Sunday, April 3. To help you celebrate your favorite nominated hitmakers, Grey Goose has put together a kit to keep good vibes and even better drinks flowing on Grammys night and after.

Grey Goose vodka is the official spirit of the Grammys, and this year’s signature cocktail is a flavorful Grey Goose Passion Drop. A remix on the classic martini offering, the Passion Drop is made of vodka of course, ginger syrup, passionfruit puree, and a lemon twist as garnish.

Grey Goose

If made right, what you should find yourself sipping on is a golden martini that pays homage to the iconic golden gramophone that winners get to take home the night of the big event.

To get all of the ingredients you need, there’s a cocktail kit for the Passion Drop, available now, that serves eight. It’s the perfect thing to bring to the night’s watch party or any major festivities you have in mind for the evening. You won’t be the only one enjoying it! As mentioned, the Passion Drop is the official cocktail of the Grammys, so it will be in the hands of the greats and their guests at official Grammy and Recording Academy events, including at this weekend’s parties leading up to the awards. With that being said, sip in style, friends.

You can purchase the Passion Drop Cocktail Kit on drinkgreygroose.com now, available for $64.99, which includes a 350ml bottle of Grey Goose vodka, the passion fruit puree, syrup, four lemons, and eight fancy Grey Goose garnish picks. You can get same day shipping in major metro markets around the country, including New York City, Chicago and Miami (order before 10 a.m.). If you can’t get your hands on the kit, pick up the ingredients and check out the official recipe for the Passion Drop below. Enjoy!

Grey Goose



1 ½ oz Grey Goose Vodka

¾ oz Passion Fruit Puree

¾ oz Ginger Syrup

¾ oz Lemon Juice


Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist on garnish pick.


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