10 Black Plant Moms To Follow On Instagram

When you think of motherhood, how often do you envision a Black woman in all her glory caring for one of the earth’s most precious gifts–plants? If you don’t, it’s time to open up your mind to the wonderful work plant moms are doing for the earth and our Instagram feeds. There are around 435,000 different land plant species on earth, according to scientists. This means there is more than enough room for all greenery lovers to leave their mark. 

As I struggle to keep two pots of aloe vera alive, I wouldn’t classify myself as a plant mom just yet, but I appreciate the work that goes into nurturing, watering, and growing these green babies. Seeing Black women, especially, activating their inner-goddess, surrounding themselves with life-giving plants, and giving back to the magic they came from is a satisfying experience. 

For all the current plant moms in need of inspiration and the plant moms to be, here are some Instagram accounts you can follow. With the plant moms hashtag (#plantmoms) having more than 27,000 posts on Instagram, you have enough content to keep you busy.

Ayva And Avery 

Indy Plant Room 

Lindsey Rachel 

Plant Bae Collective 

Black Girl Who Plants 

The Plant Lady 

Seed Atlanta

The Brown Thumb 

Seys Plants 

Big Plant Energy