5 Black-Owned Travel Goods To Get For Your Next Trip

Despite the exorbitant ticket prices right now, people are traveling with a zeal they haven’t had and couldn’t have since before the pandemic. Flights are being caught, trips are being planned, and wanderlust is being reactivated. But before you go and pull out that same ol’ luggage that collected dust in quarantine for your next trip, you might find that this is a good time to swap out the old for the new — and chic. Oh, and very black.

How about investing in high-quality luggage and essential goods for travel from Black-owned brands? Whether you’re looking to protect your passport or get a duffle to tote all of the extra clothes — aka, “options” — you probably don’t need to bring for your next trip, there are some great pieces to check out. Here are five of our favorites currently.


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