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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 23, 2017

Whitney White of Naptural 85 shares her journey prepping her daughter for her first year of school with the help of Walmart.  

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[MUSIC] My name is Whitney White, I have an online blog called Naptural85 where I talk about hair care. I do a little bit of lifestyle blogging too, where I share my family and our trials and tribulations that go along with motherhood. [MUSIC] I have a newborn, two months old and a four and half year old rambunctious little girl, and my husband. Phillipe and I are preparing her for her new school year starting. Thank you. You're welcome. It's a little nerve wracking. I've been there for the first. Four years of her life, I can't be there for her all the time. I really just want her to be able to stand up for herself. I want her to be fearless and I want her to just do her. Just be confident in that. But I'm excited for her because she's gonna get to make so many new friends and she loves to learn. [MUSIC] So, for Olivia, it's really strange 'cause she's in pre-K so it's all these, like, weird arts and craftsy types of things. First of all, I have two kids to deal with so having an online shop where I can just get everything at once, I don't have to walk into a store is just so convenient. So a fact that I am shopping at Wall Mart and they have an online store and there is just so much to choose from, I do not have to leave my house at all. I can just go get my snacks there. I can get clothes for Levi to start her school year, I can get her backpacks, everything. Her Products to do her hair all in one click. I don't have to leave the house. It all comes to my door and it's just really convenient. [MUSIC] It's really great that with Wal Mart I can just do with one click of a button, get everything on her list. Know that she has everything for te school year and not have to stress out about it. Olivia. [MUSIC] Hey. That leaves me really confident and I know if I'm confident Olivia's going to be confident and ready for the year. The back pack cool, yeah. It has a seal. So it's really cool that I can go to walmart.com. They have this awesome shopper class list feature where all the teachers will put the entire list on the website. All I have to do it click it and it's in my cart. It's so easy. [MUSIC] I think the biggest piece of advice that I would give to new moms, just do the best you can and don't beat yourself up about it. Make sure that your kids are fed and they're happy and everything else will fall into place. Just take it as it is Is, relax, and just don't beat yourself up, and don't be guilty about things that you cannot control. [MUSIC]