Actress And Wellness Coach AJ Johnson Is Changing Lives With Her New TV One Series ‘Life Therapy’
TV One

If you still see actress Adrienne-Joi Johnson as Juanita from Baby Boy or Sherane from House Party, you’ll get the chance to see her in a whole different light soon enough: life and wellness coach.

In case you missed it, for at least the last decade, Johnson has been serving as a life coach for a number of Hollywood stars, most notably, Gabrielle Union. She was the one who Union said helped her ditch past “mean girl” behaviors and become more supportive of other women. Now she’ll be helping people from all walks of life do better with whatever they’re struggling to get a hold of with her upcoming TV One series, Life Therapy with AJ Johnson.

Johnson will star in the half-hour “holistic, wellness, relationships and overall lifestyle/life coach series,” aiding people in doing the work that will improve their lives, whether looking for love, looking to overcome insecurities or looking to figure out their next big step. She’s become the go-to guru over the last few years, most recently taking part in VH1’s Couples Retreat, offering tools to help notable couples figure out their issues.

She’s been able to make this work her passion through her brand, The AJ Zone. And she knows what she’s talking about. Johnson graduated magna cum laude with a degree in psychology (and chemistry, by the way), is certified in lifestyle counseling and consulting education, and she’s certified in personal training, nutrition and fat burning training. Whatever one’s needs are, she’s helping people meet them. We’ll see how her coaching works for her new clients on the show, but she’s already had an impact on a number of big names with her health and wellness expertise. Check out just a few people from her star client list below and check out Life Therapy with AJ Johnson when it premieres Tuesday, Nov. 2 on TV One/Cleo TV.


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