‘House Party’ Actress AJ Johnson Is The Ultimate Fitness Inspo With Insane 8-Pack
Johnny Nunez

Actress AJ Johnson has been super busy in the gym, and if you’re looking for fitness inspiration, then look no further than the House Party star.

Johnson recently posted a photo of her insane 8-pack and explained that she’d decided to go above and beyond to get the perfect abs.

“A project said they wanted a female with a 6 pack, but when I showed them my 8 pack,they gave me my filming start date before I left the room. I decided that in 2016, I’d rather be overqualified than not enough,” she wrote. 

She then encouraged fans to pursue their own goals in 2017, even writing to one, “It may take more discipline than you ever imagined but it’s possible!!”

So, what’s her secret? According to her IG post, it starts in the kitchen.

“Here is my current meal plan,” she wrote. “No sugar, no added sodium, 25 gms added fat daily (almonds/avocado), 1 gallon water daily, 4oz protein 6xs a day, 1c. fresh vegetables 4xs a day, 4t. basmati rice a day.”

So, if you’re looking for a little push to get to the gym in the new year, then AJ’s got you.

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