Love is one of the most abstract yet absolute sensations in existence. You can’t see it or hear it, but there’s no questioning what it is when it hits you.

Some movies are able to effectively capture the unique yet universal feeling of falling – and staying – in love. From your typical boy-meets-girl and sparks fly scenario to the less common tale of girl-loses-boy and obsesses over how to get him back before it’s too late, certain films just have a special way of conveying the indescribable.

Be it a whirlwind summer romance that has long-lasting ramifications, an idyllic view of young adults slipping into a love their society will never accept, or a gritty snapshot of one earth-shaking evening in a rocky relationship, these films capture several angles of the many nuances that illustrate the Black love experience.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a love interest of your own, enjoying the company of friends, or simply solo and loving on yourself this time around, feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine and take a look at one of these romantic and relatable depictions on Black Love on film.