Since the beginning of her career, Nia Long has effortlessly remained an IT girl in Black Hollywood. Her sweet smile, radiant skin and killer curves have captivated us from Fresh Prince to The Best Man. Of course, we’re all dying to know her secret to looking forever young, and Long isn’t being stingy with her self-care secrets.

The 49-year-old actress graced our screens once again in her new Netflix film Fatal Affair alongside Omar Epps, reminding us all that she hasn’t aged a day. “Nia Long hasn’t aged since Love Jones,” wrote on Twitter fan. “What’s the secret sis?”

Long responded the secret is “water, sex and vitamins.”

This isn’t the first time the actress has talking about her wellness habits publicly. For years, Long has touted eating healthy and working out as the fuel that keeps her going.

“I was raised as a vegetarian,” she told Access Hollywood in 2014. “My mom is a vegan. I’m not either today, but what I am thankful is I know better. A lot of people don’t have the education on what a healthy diet is and how important it is. I was the kid who had the chunky peanut butter made from real peanuts with no sugar or additives. I had the peanut butter and jelly almost every day on that hard whole wheat bread – which is honestly my favorite treat today.”

She’s also adamant about passing healthy habits on to her sons, Massai and Kez, telling the outlet that she puts green vegetables on her kids’ plate every day. “If you start your kids young with healthy foods and a colorful plate, you will be surprised how those healthy habits will follow them throughout adulthood.”

You heard the woman – let’s go fill up those water jugs and be great!

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