Is Ari Lennox About To Drop A Hair Care Product?
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Ari Lennox had fans in their feelings last night when she posted a photo of her freshly-washed shoulder-grazing curls, teasing that her hair health was the result of an amazing product she’s found.

“My hair is growing…and I been using my special product,” she wrote.

Naturally that sparked interest from Instagram followers as they begged the 29-year-old singer for the name of miracle product, which she continuously promised she would drop soon.

But fans wanted to know if by drop she meant simply share the information for the product, or release it as her newest venture. Even model Ebonee Davis and beauty influencer Alissa Ashley asked for the tea on Lennox’s curl cure.

Shea butter was the most popular guess. And someone even speculated if she would be launching Shea Butter Baby Cosmetics.

It does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?

One commenter said, “That would [be] lit if you came out with your own hair care line.” And someone even joked that her hair is growing and her skin is glowing from having sex. Lennox shut down that notion immediately with a resounding, “I wish!”

While many fans outright said that they would buy a hair care product that she launched, one even asked to design the branding. The consensus was that consumers would be here for an Ari Lennox natural hair care line. Maybe she’ll be next to join the ranks of Tracee Ellis Ross and Taraji P. Henson in helping us achieve our best hair days.

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