Naomi Campbell’s Hair Stylist Explains Why We all Need a Weave Break
Peathegee Inc/Blend Images

When most of us think of protective styling weaves, extensions or wigs typically. But despite how much we love the ease and versatility these styles give us, especially during the colder months, it’s vital to give your hair a weave break every once in a while. 

Celebrity hairstylist Ro Morgan, whose clients include Naomi Campbell and LionBabe, is a big advocate of a break for your tresses. According to the Skin of Color Society, constant tugging and stress on your stands could even result in traction alopecia — a form of hair loss in which mechanical damage to the hair follicle is caused by repeated tension or pulling.

“Traction alopecia can be caused by wearing the same hairstyle for long periods of time, especially those that tug on the hair (e.g., braids, weaves, cornrows, etc),” the site explains. 

So to help you avoid that, Ro shares his weave break tips and tricks. 

What exactly is a weave break?

“As the name suggests, a weave break is a period of time one removes their hair extensions from their hair and wears their natural hair, whether it’s in its curly state or straightened.

People who wear weaves should give themselves a weave break to avoid the risk of traction alopecia. Also, to properly cleanse the scalp and make sure that the health of the hair and scalp is maintained.”

The best time for a break is…

“I believe one should take a weave break every six months or so, for a few weeks.”

During your break opt for styles that require the least amount of stress on your hair, such as two-strand twists or loose messy buns.