Expert Tips And Protective Products For Women With Bald Heads
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Women decide to wear their heads bald for a number of reasons—scalp conditions that cause hair loss, ease of care, the heat of the season or where they live, or just because they like the look. And we know Black women make for some of the baddest beauties in bald heads. Whatever your reason, you still need to know how to care for your bare scalp. It’s skin that needs tlc just like the skin on ones face.

ESSENCE beauty editors, along with professional stylists and barbers offered product recommendations and tips for properly getting and caring for a bald head during the summer months and beyond.

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Tip 1: Find the removal method that works best for you. Some bald beauties prefer to go to a professional barber who specializes in women’s short styles to avoid nicking themselves. If you insist on DIY shave, experts say cover the area in a shaving gel and use a razor for an even look. “Your head might be sensitive, especially if it’s your first time rocking the bald look,” says Chris Eliares, owner of Dogpatch Barbershop & Shave. “So I’d recommend using a razor designed for sensitive skin like the Gillette SkinGuard.”

Tip 2: Keep your tools clean. Clean tools are always important, but the stakes are even higher when you’re putting a blade or shaver to your scalp. If you go to a barber, make sure they sanitize their tools properly. If you have your own, make sure to clean them after every use.  

Tip 3: Use lighter weight oil for massaging the scalp but don’t leave it on for too long. It needs be shampooed out to prevent clogging the follicles, which causes the scalp to dry or get flaky. This is actually true for everyone.

Tip 4: “I would also recommend not shampooing too often,” says Mona Balthazar, hair cut specialist and expert in Black hair styling, and owner of The Mona Cut. “Allow the natural oil to come through.  When you have a shaved head, it doesn’t need much attention.”

Tip 5: Don’t forget the SPF. It’s important to use SPF on your scalp because the skin is exposed. Without it your skin is susceptible to damage through sunburns, sun spots, aging, and even skin cancer. Don’t be fooled by cloudy days and being indoors, you are still exposed.

And don’t forget above all to wear your bald head with pride. Whether it has hair or not, your crown is precious, so rock it like the royalty you are.

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