20 Baddies Proudly Rocking Bald Heads
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The #shorthairdontcare didn’t grow in popularity in relation to #longhairdontcare. For decades Black women have embraced bald heads and shorter styles that showed off more of their face, and worked well with their natural textures. 

Short hair icons and advocates like Grace Jones, Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Alek Wek, and Amber Rose have been rocking the cropped ‘dos for so long that they’ve become part of their signature looks. And more recently, big chops by Sanaa Lathan, China McClain, Franchesca Ramsey, and others have been what short cut dreams are made of. And still, ladies with buzzed locks have to deal with the off the cuff remarks of those who don’t appreciate their hair choices. 

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Last week, restauranteur Folasade Adeoso had to correct an Instagram follower for assuming that she was a gay man because she sports a short cut and a pretty face. It’s silly that in 2019 a woman would have to defend or explain her hairstyle choices, especially with so many women choosing to express themselves through creative cuts. Adeoso is obviously a beauty, and like many other women, her gorgeous hair cut only helps to enhance that.

So here’s to all the bald, buzzed, and short styled ladies wearing their low cuts with confidence. These 20 baddies below are proof that rocking short hair with no apologies has never looked better.


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