These Big Chops Make Us Want Short Hair

When the temperature starts to dip we usually start dreaming of long bobs, body waves, and other styles that hold up well in cold weather, and do double duty protecting our heads. Thank goodness for stylish beanies and high shawl collar sweaters to ward off the cold, because when a big chop beckons, sometimes you can’t resist the call. And these celebrities and their short styles have us dreaming of platinum buzz cuts and polished pixies, cold weather de damned.

Eva Marcille stepped into the spotlight with a blond cropped ‘do and has worn several styles since. But the model and Real Housewives of Atlanta star always wears the short style well, which highlights her high cheekbones and flawless skin.

Singer Tweet visited Jasmine Collins aka Razor Chic in Atlanta to get her cut hooked up this fall. Her strong and healthy strands laid so effortlessly against her beautiful face, we might have to make that trip to the A ourselves to get this cut. If only Razor Chic could help us get Tweet’s melodic vocals too.

China McClain blew everyone away this summer when she revealed her big chop. She admitted that she had cut her hair off a year prior but had been keeping it under wraps until she showed it off on her Instagram during Comic Con. Needless to say, fans were surprised and delighted.

Toya Wright joined the ranks of the ladies who give us hair envy when she tried a cute new cut last month. The New York Times bestselling author is typically know for keeping her tresses long. But she proved that she could keep it just as stunning with a classic short style.

We Stan for DeWanda Wise whether she has curls, faux locs, cornrows, or otherwise. So when the actress chopped off her mane this summer we were in full support. People joke that you don’t know what your head will look like if you big chop. But those eyes are enchanting no matter what hair she’s rocking.

Tami Roman will have some additional room underneath that bonnet now that she’s taken off some strands with her new blond ‘do. She said she lost a lot in her Instagram post but from where we sit it looks like 100 percent gain. Let the natural hair journey begin.

Our favorite sis from next door Teyana Taylor is known for switching up her look often. She big chopped years ago and has been giving us lewks ever since. One day she might have a ’60s retro flip, another day she’ll rock a baby bang, then that same night you’ll see her with a Caesar. So we never know how long she’ll keep a short cut when she goes back to it. But we do know that it’s a style that looks so good on her, she makes us want to mimic.