This House of Hair BTS Video of Sinia Braxton Is Making Our Wednesday

If you’re having a hard time getting over the hump of the week, Sinia Braxton has exactly the power that you need. This House of Hair IRL behind the scenes video of the ballroom assassin turned actress dancing to Leikeli47’s “Wash & Set” is so fun and inspiring it will make you forget what you were stressed about—at least for a minute.

Donning a black patent leather catsuit, and with hair so long it likely got caught in the door, she dances around that shoot with a confidence you want to walk through life with. It’s the kind of inspiration that jumbo box braids that long and strong and beautiful will give you. Rihanna clearly got the memo.

Between the funny hair lyrics of the song, and Braxton’s no holds barred celebration of one, we can’t help but want to lay down our edges and get an office catwalk going.

House of Hair (HOH), created by activist Michaela Angela Davis, is a space for sharing “Black stories, culture, content & conversation through the lens of hair.” On Saturday June 22 HOH will be hosting a Slay Fest panel at BAM Fisher in Brooklyn, on Black Trans women in the LGBTQ Liberation movement, The Ball and House community and radical beauty politics, and celebrating their contributions to culture. Leikeli47 will be performing at the same venue at 7PM on Saturday.


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