Not only is Rihanna inspiring the next generation of beauty with her inclusive makeup line, but she’s also moving us to get box braids this summer. Earlier this week, Rihanna teased Fenty’s first stateside pop-up shop on her Instagram, and the luxury label’s CEO showed up at the store’s SoHo launch party June 18 in a bossy look that commanded everyone’s attention. Not that anyone needed proof, but the 31-year-old’s hot pink cowl neck dress and waist-length box braids demonstrated why she’s both a fashion and beauty icon. Let’s hone in on the evidence that proves the latter shall we? 

Rihanna’s popping pink pout made her bronzy complexion standout, and her long red box braids complimented her face and frame. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to braid your hair up for summer, Rihanna’s hot girl guise makes a pretty compelling case for why you should.


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