Missy Reminds Fans That Her ‘Throw It Back’ Video Was Black Girl Hair Magic
Getty Images

If your braids can’t also be used to show off your jump rope skills then you’re already behind for 2020. But leave it to Missy Elliott to be ahead of the game. When she released her video for her single “Throw It Back” earlier this year, she gave us a true Missy-style video, equipped with enviable ‘fits, and super duper braids that also doubled as ropes for a good ole game of Double Dutch.

The rap icon took to Instagram on Monday to remind us of the Black girl hair magic that took place in that video. And with extra long braids and Dominatrix ponytails trending for the first year of the new decade, we’re sure to see much more of this. We even expect the lengths to reach near impossible levels (which, after watching Missy use her braids as jump ropes, seems unlikely).

Comfort be damned, over the top hairstyles will reign for 2020. Braids, curls, and ponytails will do more than enhance your look, they’ll also be functional for your daily needs and childhood favorite games. And for those not brave enough to participate, you can live through Missy and her Double-Dutching braids in this fun video.

We just hope she’s not double-handed with the swing.


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