Is Kandi Burruss Next To Do A Big Chop?
Leon Bennett/Getty Images for ESSENCE

When Kandi Burruss starts throwing around terms like “big chop” and “embracing natural hair,” the innanet pays extra attention. The 44-year-old Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star had fans talking when she recently shared that since her daughter Riley did her big chop earlier this spring, she’s been feeling inspired to make a big hair change herself.

“My daughter Riley just cut all her hair off. Todd has seen the real me before, without the weaves, wigs and makeup. He don’t be tripping,” she told Page Six Style. “I feel like it’s always cool when a woman can embrace her natural hair and really feel good about it. I want to do the same thing.”

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She also admitted that wearing weaves and wigs has caused damage to her hair. So going back to natural could be a great thing for the health of her tresses as much as it would be a beautiful style choice.

“Some of us don’t know how to take care of our hair and some of our hair is so damaged because we wear weaves so much,” she continues. “I know for me, the back of my hair is long but the top of my hair is short. So I don’t feel like I can just do a regular cute hairdo with no pieces in it because there’s so much breakage at the top.”

Many of us have been where Burruss is, and the natural hair journey is a very personal one. While we’ve never seen Burruss in a cut like Riley’s adorable TWA, which she praised on her Instagram last month, she’s worn several short styles that work perfectly for her.

No matter what she decides Kandi Burruss is going to look like a rock star. She recently shocked fans when it was revealed that she was the Night Angel and winner of the latest season of The Masked Singer.

With Kandi’s competitive spirit and drive to be the best, we know that if she comes through with a natural do, it’s going to be an inspiration to all of us.


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