Halle Berry Explains Why She Shaved Her Daughter Nahla’s Head
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Halle Berry and her daughter just learned a valuable lesson in proper quarantine hair care—and possibly in owning a quality detangling brush.

Earlier this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, at home edition, the 53-year old actress shared a funny and slightly horrifying story about why she had to take dramatic measures with her daughter’s hair.

Berry is quarantined with her two children, 12-year-old daughter Nahla and 6-year-old son Maceo Robert, and her two dogs. She explained to the late night talk show host that they’ve been swimming every day and it’s been great exercise. But she soon learned that while it’s great for the body, all the chlorine and hard water aren’t so great for the hair.

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“My daughter’s 12 so every time I go to comb her hair she’s like ‘no don’t touch me, I can handle it, I’m a tween. I don’t need you to brush my hair,'” Berry told Fallon. Fast forward to a few nights ago, and Nahla had to reluctantly make a hairy confession to her mom.

“[She said] Mom, I’m scared to tell you this, but touch the back of my head,’” Berry recalled. “All her hair, which is past her shoulders, has shrunken up into a tight ball that feels like matted fur. I can’t even get my finger in it, and I’m pulling and she’s screaming.”

The hair in the back of Nahla’s head had become an impenetrable knot. Berry tried to stay calm and work the matted hair out with conditioner in the shower. But after 30 minutes it only got tighter. So, much to Nahla’s discontent, Berry had to shave off the hair in the back of her head.

“I had to shave it, it was our only option. But now she gets it. She’s learned you’ve got to brush it every day dog,” Berry said. “She’s like ‘We’re in quarantine, we’re not going anywhere, why did I have to brush my hair?’ I said this is why you have to brush your hair.”

We could say poor Nahla, because being a teen is stressful enough without getting balded by your mom, and not on purpose. But not only is it a funny story and a rare, cute glimpse into Berry’s home life with her kids, but we’re sure that the queen is still going to look beautiful no matter how she rocks her hair, just like her mom.

Plus, there are so many gorgeous bald Black women out here showing the world how to serve a lewk. If Nahla decides to take it all off, we are here for it. But in the meantime, swimming every day + quarantine = brush your hair daily.


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