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Didi Stone Shows Us Cool Ways To Rock A Short Cut At Paris Fashion Week

Always the hair chameleon, she makes a cropped pixie look like a new do with each show.
Didi Stone Shows Us Cool Ways To Rock A Short Cut At PFW
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I was having a conversation with a young lady this morning who had recently done a big chop, and already ran out of ways to wear her hair. We were, of course, jubilantly discussing where to get the best wigs when she told me. But I was genuinely disappointed that her big chop dreams were not working out the way she had envisioned.

Moments later as I was scrolling through Instagram, I fell down a rabbit hole of photos from Didi Stone Olomidé’s page. She’s been having quite the Paris Fashion Week experience. And she’s been serving up some serious fashion. But it was her extra short pixie that stole the spotlight for me. It’s nothing short (no pun intended) of inspirational for anyone with a really cropped cut.

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As she moved from show to show, she also went from hairstyle to hairstyle, rarely repeating a look during the creative haute couture week. Olomidé’s curls are currently straight, but the dos are easily achievable whether you have a relaxer, press, waves, or tight curls.

Black women are hair chameleons whether we have 22-inches down the back or a bald head. And Olomidé just gave us another reason to embrace short cuts in the new decade. Check out more photos of the model’s impeccable Paris Fashion Week hair style.