These Color-Safe Products Made Cynthia Erivo’s Hair Pop At The Oscars
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The winter season can be brutal on color-treated hair. Between the cold weather outside and the warm temperatures inside, keeping your hair healthy and hydrated can be challenging. However, Oscar nominee Cynthia Erivo made the task look easy on Sunday night.

The Harriet star graced the red carpet at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards donning a pearlescent pixie cut, inspired by her white Versace ballgown. Erivo’s tresses didn’t have to compete for the spotlight, because her hair provided an ultralight beam of its own.

Celebrity hairstylist, Coree Moreno amplified the 33-year-old’s red carpet hair with products from Dove’s new Amplified Textures line, which includes everything from color-safe shampoo to hydrating hair masks for curls, coils, and waves.

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“The Key to the perfect color is having a well-moisturized based,” said Moreno, so he started Erivo’s double process color with Dove’s Amplified Textures Hydrating Cleanse Shampoo and Moisture Spa Recovery Mask.

Whip out your pen and notebook because Moreno shares tips on how to get Cynthia Erivo’s look ahead. 


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