Chrissy Teigen’s Head Wrap Stole The Spotlight During John Legend’s Instagram Concert
Photo: Getty

Crises have a way of bringing people together and showing us that we are more alike than we may think. And Tuesday amid the coronavirus pandemic, we realized that we even share something in common with model Chrissy Teigen. Sure, we may not have her iconic cheekbones or modelesque figure, but we do share the love of head wraps.

The mom of two joined her Grammy award-winning husband John Legend for an Instagram Live concert on Tuesday led by the “Ordinary People” singer, sporting a towel and a gorgeous patterned head wrap.

And while some people may be questioning her wardrobe of choice for going before thousands of fans on social media, we completely understand Teigen’s effortless get up.

Head wraps are our go-to hair accessory for lazy days. They make styling our hair simple. And because many of us will be spending time at home while we wait out the coronavirus outbreak, sheathing our strands in a head wrap makes perfect sense. There really is no need to breakout the blow dryer and curling iron.

So just in case you don’t have one of the stylish hair accessories in your arsenal, take your pick from the options below.

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