China McClain Has A Message For Men Who Aren’t Fans Of Short Hair
Photo: Getty

Actress China McClain addressed her big chop in a TikTok video on Sunday, following comments she saw men make on social media about women cutting their hair. The commentary suggested that women with short hair were less beautiful, but the Black Lightning star set the record straight with an empowering message. 

McClain, who debuted her big chop last year, noted that women cut their hair for various reasons, and public approval isn’t one of them. “I did it because I wanted to,” she said. And she suggested that men who put a woman’s looks before her character could be blocking their blessing. 

“And talking directly to my guys right now. I hear a lot you say on social media that you want a great loyal woman, you want a strong woman, but you might be blocking the path to her by putting physical attributes like how long her hair is in front of things that have to do with her actual character,” she said. 

She also offered a few words of wisdom to the ladies. 

“And to my women, God handcrafted you into a piece of art. And there’s a reason why he made your hair optional. Because you don’t need it to be beautiful and to be everything that he made you to be.” 

Women with short hair are undoubtedly beautiful. We don’t have to prove it, but if we did, we have ample evidence below.

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