When you play an influential character like a superhero, people can get really attached to your look. China McClain found out this weekend that she can do no wrong even in the eyes of her comic book fans when she finally did a reveal of her big chop. The actress and singer admitted in an Instagram post on Saturday that she had cut off her lustrous curls nearly a year ago.

“It’s gone by the way guys. I cut it off close to a year ago,” she wrote.

The 20-year-old Atlanta native is best known for her role as metahuman Jennifer Pierce in the CW series Black Lightning, and she’ll also play Uma in Descendants 3, scheduled to premiere this summer. So what better weekend to reveal the new look than during Comic-Con in San Diego? With comic books lovers’ epic reactions to change (read: they don’t like it unless it’s a new superpower), it could have gone really wrong. But fans embraced the cut, showering her with compliments and exclaiming how beautiful she looks with the new ‘do. Even actress Storm Reid chimed commenting, “Hair is fire sis.”

For wig wearers alike, it was obvious that her character had been wearing a unit. A good unit, but a unit nonetheless. It’s just refreshing to see that fans find her electrifying no matter how she decides to wear her hair.

We always knew Black girl magic was a superpower.


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