5 Nineties Hairstyles For Naturals To Practice During Quarantine
Don Arnold/WireImage

While quarantine is the opposite of vacation because it has a stress factor that we can’t avoid, the one thing that it offers like vacation is time. Since we have more time for family, cooking, and exercise, we also have more time to practice all the things we couldn’t stop to master in the hustle of our pre-pandemic day to day.

And DIY hair and makeup tutorials have become key in helping us not only maintain our sanity while entertaining us, they’ve been instrumental in helping us maintain our manes.

These recent hair tutorials are perfect for learning how to achieve some nineties styles that have made their way back into the Black hair zeitgeist in this new decade. Watch, practice, master.

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Finger Waves

Who says you can’t achieve any style with your 4C hair? Channel your inner-Missy Elliott with finger waves that fall like Humpty. This recent tutorial by Logan Bunny gives you everything but the product list. At least right now you have the time to figure that out, and practice your technique.

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Flat Twists

The flat twists of the new twenties are not your retro-looking flat twists. With our natural kinks and coils being embraced in a way that they weren’t in the nineties, this style has taken on an elevated look. This tutorial is an easy to follow guide for beginners who want that professional polish.

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Jumbo Box Braids (Knotless)

Now that Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice style box braids have made a comeback, they’re here to stay. That makes it more imperative that ladies learn to do them on their own. Most of us can use a protective style like this right now. Luckily, all you need is hair, gel and time.

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Afro Puffs

The Lady of Rage made it chic to rock rough and stuff with your Afro puffs in the nineties. Now the style is back in full effect, and there are so many ways to wear this do that always embraced our natural tresses. This tutorial offers a quick 4-step process to getting that top puff with your natural curls. You can add extensions or a puff piece if you want it larger than life and your hair doesn’t allow that.

Sock Bun

This style has evolved over time and with each iteration the tools get more advanced. Gone are the days of putting an actual sock (hence the name ) inside of your topknot or back knot. Now, there are hair tools that help get your bun perfectly twisted, rounded, and proportional. The process is almost like styling Afro puffs but with a few extra easy steps.