5-Minute Makeup For Work-From-Home Video Calls

It seems like everything is being made into a social media challenge these days. And while most are just for fun, some actually have the potential to be of service to us. Enter the 5-minute makeup challenge.

Though many of the women who participated in this fun beauty challenge felt like their attempt at doing their face in just five minutes was a fail, there were some good results. If you’ve ever been in a rush to get ready and had to look more than presentable, then you know that five minutes is barely enough time to apply your lipstick.

But the ladies below made the most of every second and put together some amazing five-minute face beats; ones that we can mimic for our work-from-home video calls.

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Vanessa Gyimah

The Queen Hadassah

Wonder Woman

Dee Beauté

So what have we learned, ladies? For starters, keep it simple. This isn’t the time to try a complex cut crease or extensive contouring. Also, you don’t have to skip the lashes. They actually help to make the look more polished. If you need to, pick your top five must-have products or features to enhance and focus one minute on each (for me it’s skin, brows, lashes, lips cheeks and set).

These quick beats are great for those Zoom meetings and FaceTime dates, and they also offer options for getting ready in a hurry when we go back to our offices and in-person happy hours.


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