Okay sis, before you start frowning your face up at the thought of yet another white-washed Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we’ve got news for you—this year, there were actually 20 Black models who stormed the show and got their angel wings!
We know, we know; having Black models in a show shouldn’t even be a debate or an afterthought—especially not in 2018—but because of fashion pioneers like Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell and others, the roadway has been paved for new beauties like Chey Maya and Iesha Hodges to strut their stuff for one of the biggest fashion show productions on earth. We counted 20 Black models in total who were on hand to strut their stuff for the show, but the melanin magic didn’t just stop with models! Electrifying performances from Halsey and Leela James also helped make the night one rich in Black girl brilliance. “What an amazing experience it was to bring my soul-flavor to a platform such as the Victoria’s Secret stage,” said James. She not only sang the crowd to a standing ovation; her ensemble was also runway-worthy, wearing a slinky Vivienne Westwood dress and strappy leather heels by Black designer Stella Maze for ‘Stella Hues’ collection. Describing her performance look, James’ stylist, Mickey Freeman said, “I wanted Leela to exude a sense of chic -yet, regal- sex appeal, as well as an air of aristocracy.” Take a look at all the stunning women of color who ripped the runway in our photo gallery below. The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Sunday, December 2nd on ABC.


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