It’s that time of year again. As the rising temperatures of the incoming season collide with the cabin fever many of us have experienced over the past year, you’re probably eagerly hunting down a new summer wardrobe—and swimsuits feel like an apt place to start. 

The biggest swimwear trends of the year leave room to creatively explore the heights of your poolside wardrobe and this time, the market seems to have pulled a little inspiration from ready-to-wear. After all, for the fashion-forward, getting dressed for the pool or other waterside activities is starting to feel increasingly like actually getting dressed.

Trends centered around three-piece sets provide extra coverage and help swimsuits feel more “wearable.” Meanwhile, other trends involve subtle details that build on the idea of versatility, such as minimal swim tops that also double as going out pieces. And then, there are those trends that are just plain fun — the ingredient our wardrobes need most right now! 

As ready-to-wear brands increasingly delve into swim and resortwear territory, and as more swimwear-dedicated brands emerge, there proves to be something for everybody.

From the styles catering to those with simplistic needs, to those serving the bold and experimental, here are the 5 swimwear trends you’ll see everywhere this season. 

Has the traditional sarong wrap ever had such competition? Aside from sweats, matching sets rose as the MVP of quarantine fashion due to styling ease, and it looks like the trend is still going strong. They may not look like your typical pool gear, but yes, you can totally wear your swim-skirt in the water — or, you know, ust for the ‘gram.

Nude tones 
Those not in the market for colorful swimsuits may instead be looking for nude-toned options this year. As fashion currently embraces second-skin styles such as sheer, ultra-tight sleeves and the like, it makes sense that this skin-like swim trend is on the rise. Spoiler: it’s a look anyone can nail. Track down a style in a shade close to your skin tone for the ultimate optical illusion, or feel free to try out some other hues if you’re looking to keep the tones a little earthy, but with contrast. The best part about this minimal look is you can take your swim tops and pair them with just about any pair of trousers or denim for an out and about outfit.

Pants as coverups 
If there’s a way to have more fun with your swimwear, it’s by adding a pair of mesh pants — and it’s even better if they match exactly. Where swim dress was once about quickly throwing a mismatched two piece ensemble together, think of this as a carefully curated, yet effortless, outfit for the pool.   

’70s-inspired prints
Somewhere between what feels like the two biggest fashion trends of last year, minimalism and ‘90s style, ‘70s fashion crept its way in by way of sweater vests and flared pants. This spring, the funky prints of the era have made its way to swimwear, and it may be the season’s best duo yet. Think psychedelic motifs characterized by wavy lines, abstract shapes, and “flower power” prints. After a largely uneventful 2020 summer, this is exactly what the comeback should look like.

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Waist ties
Between recent Fashion Week presentations from Christopher Esber and designs from budding brands such as the Instagram hit, Subsurface, it’s hard not to notice the criss-crossy waist wrap trend blossoming among fashion girls. Because who’s not wearing their bikini tops as shirts these days, the trend actually made a soft debut during the fall, with strappy tops coupled with denim or styled under oversized suits. Now, it’s time to revel in the greatness of the sultry statement for spring and summer… Even if it does result in some weird tan lines. 

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