Earlier this year, Victoria Beckham partnered with Reebok to create a collection solely dedicated to NBA icon, Shaquille O’Neal. But do you remember Shaq’s contribution to fashion in the 90’s, when he was in the prime of his professional basketball career and notably only sported Reebok gear? Let’s jog your memory. Reebok and O’Neal initially released his signature sneaker—appropriately dubbed “Shaq Attaq”— in 1992. Over the years, the sneaker has remained a signature piece for both the brand and O’Neal.

In the clip of Jay Versace’s visit to O’Neal’s home, Shaq took a quick stroll down memory late minute to reflect on his long-running love for the Reebok brand. “Reebok vintage shirts, their lo-tops, the Aztreks, the running shoes, and the performance shoes – they’ve always been sexy,” O’Neal says. “They’ve always been classy, and you can wear those with anything.” Tap into your 90s style with Reebok’s Aztrek sneakers and 90’s Re-Run curated line HERE.


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