Reebok is tearing down the doors of the boys club that comprises the majority of the sneaker industry.

The athletic footwear company paired up with Gimlet Media to produce Flipping The Game, a podcast that is guaranteed to stir up social commentary in light of women’s take on the sneaker game. Scottie Beam, a known radio personality, is leading the conversation of the podcast, along with notable featured guests.

“Gone should be the days of ‘now available in womens sizes.’ Women love sneakers…” Beam said in a statement.

In 1982, Reebok provided women with their first athletic shoe, known as the “Freestyle” or “54-11s.” The hi-top sneaker was seen everywhere — they were a staple and a statement piece for the 80s and hip-hop culture. Yet, despite the popularity of the style, no other sneaker brand made attempts to cater to women. Even to this day, often times we find ourselves browsing the men and kid sections to look for better options than what is provided for women. It’s apparent that women aren’t a priority demographic for the sneaker business. 

Now, 36 years later, there is still a need for women to infiltrate this world. Sneakers are no longer just reserved for the gym. The inevitable popularity of streetwear, also known as athleisure, in women’s fashion is thriving. Sneakers are worn everywhere, from work to the club. 

“Sneakers are for women just as much as men, simple as that. Our goal is to honestly just remind everyone of this – and flex on the patriarchy while we’re at it,” Beam continued.

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