Since late last year, Beyoncé started hinting about her now sold-out Ivy Park partnership with Adidas. From her initial announcement, the internet has been buzzing about her line and shortly after the drop two weeks ago the collection was sold out within minutes. In true Beyoncé fashion, the “Formation” singer influenced a similar collection that was released a few days ago from Popeyes. Yes, that Popeyes.

Beyonce’s Ivy Park color hues were centered around a maroon in orange color which, ironically is the same two colors Popeye uses. The collection titled, “That Look From Popeyes,” was officially announced on January 29 with a tweet from the fast-food brand that read, “Love that look? It’s our uniform. Has been for a while. And now you can buy it.”

This is not too far fetched as Beyoncé has never been ashamed of her love for Popeyes, and can we blame her? The singer has previously shared that she has a “lifetime supply” card to the chain. So yes, Beyoncé can get the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich whenever she wants for free.

Making an Ivy-Park influenced line has worked in great favor for the brand. The “That Look From Popeyes” collection is almost sold out with only a hoodie jacket and baseball cap left in stock.

The entire collection is priced between $10-$38 and what’s left can be purchased here.

Check out pieces from the sold-out collection below.