This past Sunday’s Super Bowl was in Miami, Florida and in true football fashion, celebrities showed up for the fan-filled weekend – even if they weren’t going to the game. When loads of talent crowd any city, there’s bound to be parties and industry events for the A-listers in town. But this weekend, the talk of the town was Nicki Minaj, who made a few public appearances in the sunshine state following a three-month-long social media hiatus.

Skipping out on posts for a few months is nothing new to Minaj, who took a long break from Instagram before promoting her fourth studio album Queen. The “Megatron” rapper hasn’t posted since early November and after conflicting reports that she was “retiring,” the Barbs weren’t sure when their Queen was returning.

To our surprise, Minaj returned to Instagram this weekend with a few photos showing her coke bottle shape, seemingly perfect glam, and her husband by her side.

The newly minted Mrs. Petty made a few showstopping club appearances. And on top of Nicki’s star power, when your team consists of Arrogant Tae, Benji Carlisle and Mila Thomas, you’re bound to get calculated looks. Minaj’s makeup, hair and style all correlated together this weekend throwing the internet in a frenzy.

Check out her return below.