11 Stylish Belt Bags That’ll Make You Forget They Were Formerly Known As Fanny Packs

Jazmin Brooks Aug, 15, 2018

Once upon a time, it seemed as if fanny packs were shunned. Now that they’ve been re-branded as “belt bags,” it’s a different story.

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The compact accessory is being seen everywhere. Every fashion retailer from high-end brands like Miu Miu and Saint Laurent, to contemporary brands like Reebok and Champion, are making their own stylish variations of a belt bag.

And we love the trending style in all of its variations.

Keep scrolling to check out 11 of our favorite belt bags, from sporty to formal, and a few suggestions on how to style them. Which look is your favorite?

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Add some color! This striped fanny pack by & Other Stories is too cute – it’s bound to catch someone’s eye and a ton of compliments no matter what you pair with it. We suggest pairing it with an all-white outfit – maybe a white denim skirt and a white t-shirt—to make sure nothing takes away from this funky waistbag.

available at & Other Stories $25 BUY

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Athleisure it up! Rock this fanny pack with the workout clothes you actually never intend on working out in.

available at SIX:02 $25 BUY

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This exclusive Bloomingdale’s AQUA belt bag is so chic. We would suggest wearing it with a pair of gingham pants, a simple button-down shirt, and your favorite heels.

available at Bloomingdale's $60 BUY

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This may or may not be a men’s bag, but we love it, and sure know we can wear it just as well. This Champion Sling Bag would go perfectly with a pair of black high-waist biker shorts – which are surprisingly trending as well – a black crop top and an optional denim jacket, if you want to be bit modest.

available at Urban Outfitters $40 BUY

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This fanny pack speaks for itself. Belt this around denim bottoms and a simple t-shirt, and you’ll be set.

available at Shopbop $25 BUY

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This all white, compact Crosby Leather Belt Bag is perfect to break up a monochromatic look, such as a denim on denim look.

available at Bloomingdale's $115 BUY

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Pair this Reebok Waistbag with a simple t-shirt dress, dope sneakers like a pair of 54-11s, and dainty jewelry for a casual day out and about.

available at Reebok $13 BUY

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Michael Kors put their own stylish spin on the fanny pack, which we are admiring. This Round Pebble Leather Fanny Pack with its slim belt can belt a simple pants suit – adding a bit of fashion to business.

available at Macy's $88 BUY

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Minimalists’ safe haven, Madewell, has perfected their own belt bag. Their Simple Pouch Belt Bag is very sleek. Belt up your favorite jumpsuit with this belt bag.

available at Madewell $68 BUY

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This small little leather goodie is modish and spacious. Holly & Tanager’s Convertible Belt Bag can be perfectly paired with your favorite midi dress. You’re bound to get a host of compliments on this one.

available at Holly & Tanger $239 BUY

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This is another non-traditional style of the belt bag perfectly done by Nanushka. We’re obsessing over the uniqueness and high-style look of this accessory. There are so many ways to wear this pack without taking away from its elegance or your outfit. We simply suggest pairing this belt bag with pleated hip pants and a cropped wrap top.

available at Net-A-Porter $420 BUY