If there is one thing we all can’t wait to do, it’s get out the house. Some of us have been quarantined for over a month and finding ways to stay active has become a hobby within itself.

Our favorite celebrities, models, and entertainers have all fell victim to stay-at-home orders and no one is safe from this pandemic. Luckily, social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok, and the content creators on these platforms have made this new normal a little bit easier.

Wednesday evening, supermodel Adut Akech uploaded another stunning photo on her Instagram feed except this time, she made us a little nostalgic as she posed in a bright yellow TropicofC bikini.

“I’ve missed wearing bikinis so I decided to put one on and have fun with a self timer shoot,” she wrote on Instagram.

Accompanied with printed scarves on her head and around her waist as well as gold drop down earrings, the model’s melanin-infused beauty beamed through a series of at-home photos.

While there is no official date on when this pandemic will end, there is no rule that you can’t plan your next vacay in your head, and Akech is officially on our vision board.

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