Madewell And La Réunion Release A Limited Edition Upcycled Collection
Courtesy of Brand

Sustainable fashion still remains as an underdeveloped sector of the industry that is in need of solutions for the sake of the environment. While there are intelligent innovations, new technologies and environmentally-friendly textiles being, created by designers, finding ways to repurpose existing textiles will probably always remain as the most sustainable solution.

Sarah Nsikak, a Nigerian-American designer, living in Brooklyn, New York, is known for her custom patchwork dresses made out of recycled materials that she sells under her brand, La Réunion. Last year, Nsikak partnered up with Madewell for the first time to create a two-piece upcycled capsule – it sold out in less than 22 minutes. Today, La Réunion and Madewell have unveiled a new, bigger collection that was birthed from the continuation of their partnership.

This collection features an upcycled midi dress, upcycled shirts, patchworked pants, and patchworked accessories – all made from upcycled Madewell fabric remnants that include prints and patterns from past seasons. It’s safe to say Nsikake turned what some might perceive as trash into treasure.

Madewell And La Réunion Release A Limited Edition Upcycled Collection

Starting July 15th, Madewell x La Réunion’s limited edition collection will be available for purchase on – prices range from $78 to $348.