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Antoine Gregory Partners With HubSpot To Promote Emerging Black Designers

Discover more about the collaboration and the curated collection of Black designers.
HubSpot Teams Up With Antoine Gregory  To Promote Black Designers
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Over the last two years, Black Fashion Fair [BFF] has become one of the most impactful platforms for Black designers. Antoine Gregory, the founder of Black Fashion Fair, created a cross-channel hub that prioritizes the discovery and furtherance of Black designers through conceptual retail, educational initiatives, and cultural experiences. Since the launch of BFF, Gregory has given new meaning to the phrase “for us, by us” by ensuring there’s a community that champions Black designers of past and new generations. Because of his proven commitment, HubSpot and NTWRK sought Gregory as the perfect partner to curate an exclusive collection of Black designers for INBOUND, an annual HubSpot event.

As a leading CRM platform that helps companies grow to last, HubSpot’s team knows what it takes to scale a business with genuine drive to make an impact. “Antoine Gregory’s Black Fashion Fair is a great example of a business that puts its mission at its core – and they’ve scaled while maintaining purpose,” said Amy Marino, HubSpot’s Global Head of Brand Marketing, in the release. “We’re inspired by Antoine’s accomplishments and excited to partner once again with NTWRK to co-create a one-of-a-kind collection that amplifies these talented designers and their stories.”

By combining HubSpot and NTWRK’s advanced technologies, they are able to join Gregory in furthering the discovery and the success of emerging Black designers. For INBOUND 2022, Gregory chose to highlight two designers: Antoine Manning, founder of Homage Year, and Nicole Zizi, founder of Nicole Zizi Studio

HubSpot Teams Up With Antoine Gregory  To Promote Black Designers

The exclusive, curated collection will feature new designs from both designers. Homage Year’s signature Mini Ova bag will be included in a new colorway inspired by HubSpot’s solaris orange and Nicole Zizi Studio has designed an organic cotton, graphic hoodie in the same orange, along with a custom, patchwork denim jacket.

All proceeds from Gregory’s curated collection will be donated to the Brooklyn Sewing Academy, a BFF-supported program dedicated to addressing systemic issues in the design industry through education and training.

HubSpot Teams Up With Antoine Gregory  To Promote Black Designers

The collection will go live on the NTWRK app on September 9 at 1 pm EST during INBOUND, an annual event powered by HubSpot that unites thought leaders from over 161 countries across marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations.