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Visual Artist Hebru Brantley Designs First Ever Limited Edition Bombay Bottle

Project will benefit BLM Chicago.
Artist Hebru Brantley Designs First Limited Edition Bombay Bottle
Photo: Bombay Sapphire.

Visual Chicago artist and originator of the “flyboy” Hebru Brantley has teamed up with Bombay Sapphire to design the brand’s first ever limited edition bottle. This derives from a long partnership between the artist and the premium liquor brand. “Bombay has been a big supporter of my various creative ventures, like sponsoring the opening night of Nevermore Park, my immersive art experience, and one of my most ambitious projects to date,” Brantley tells ESSENCE.  So when the Bombay team approached me about doing a very special project, it was a no-brainer for me to say yes.”

The limited-edition design reflects Hebru’s reinterpretation of the iconic blue Bombay Sapphire bottle, paying homage to his early roots in street art and featuring bold and vibrant hues along with some of his famous character. ” My reinterpretation of the iconic Bombay Sapphire bottle is an extension of the piece I submitted for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series back in 2011,” the artist exclaimed.

Artist Hebru Brantley Designs First Limited Edition Bombay Bottle

“The work I submitted for the bottle design was a piece that mirrored the aesthetic of the bottle. From their logo and their crest, Bombay exudes this sense of royalty and within the design, and I wanted to incorporate a narrative that speaks to that sense of royalty.” As an extension of Stir Creativity, the global platform from Bombay Sapphire, the HebruBrantley Limited Edition embodies the brand’s mission to inspire and awaken the creative potential within everyone.

Artist Hebru Brantley Designs First Limited Edition Bombay Bottle

In midst of civil unrest along with the pandemic it can be arguably challenging for any creative to curate ideas during this time. “It’s not an easy time for anyone but as a Black man raising Black children, it’s been a mixed bag of emotions and very challenging,” Brantley included. The last few months have been filled with candid conversation around companies supporting their Black customers and employees – a conversation Bombay is taking seriously. In honor of the Hebru Brantley Limited Edition, Bombay Sapphire the sales will benefit Black Lives Matter Chicago. “As an artist, I want to inspire hope for a better future and shine a light on the courage and resilience of Black people in America,” he concluded.

The Hebru Brantley Limited Edition, Bombay Sapphire is on select shelves now.